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I love you more...

A letter to my son on his 3rd birthday...


Dear Little Boy,

     At first, I addressed this letter to "baby boy", because frankly, you will ALWAYS be my baby boy. Sadly, you are not a baby anymore. You are becoming a little man.

Today, you turn 3.

I remember the day we brought you home. It was a cold Saturday in November. Our hearts were SO full, I felt complete. I placed you down in your swing, swaddled up while our dog laid underneath you, guarding her new life long friend. What came next were sleepless nights, and days full of diapers, and feedings. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Those days shaped me as a mother, taught me what unconditional love is.

As you grew, so did I.

You've taught me so much in these 3 short years. Mainly that sometimes life isn't fair, but dreams can come true. You were our dream! You have grown into such an amazing little being, your thirst for life and adventure is something everyone should strive for. You wake up everyday with a smile, and when you mutter "hi mama" in that sleepy voice, my heart melts into a puddle. I hope you never lose your incredible desire to make everyone around you happy. Your contagious laugh turns any bad day brighter. Shane, you have the biggest heart, and I know you will do amazing things in the future because of it.

You make me so proud to be your mom

I will always remember the day, when I scooped you into my arms and snuggled you in close. I placed a kiss upon your not-so-baby cheek, and whisper quietly "I love you sweet boy"... I wasn't prepared for what was next. You looked at me with your big eyes, and said with such enthusiasm, "I love you more....". 

I know there will come a time when you no longer want my kisses, or a time when I may not be the one you come running to. I won't be needed to kiss any booboos, or to pour you a glass of milk. You won't need me to rub your back to sleep, or sing you funny songs.

But for now, I will soak it up. I will kiss you a thousand times, and read you that extra book at bedtime. I'll let you have the last bite, and stay up late. I will continue to give you the world, until I can't.

And I will always love you more.

Love, Mama.

PS- if you have a mom, call her and tell her you love her. Everyday. Remember how many times she put you first.