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My Motherhood in 4 words

I knew my purpose was always to be a mother. If you asked me to pick between my passion as an artist and being a mother, I would pick motherhood a million times over. Sure, it has its trials and tribulations but it's the most rewarding "job" I've ever been lucky enough to have.

You see, our son Shane was conceived using fertility treatments, after 3 long years of hoping and dreaming. He is our miracle and I'm so blessed to be able to call myself a mother.

I have many words that describe my 2 years of motherhood and here's some that come to mind.

You really have to pick your battles with a two year old. If he wants to take his shoes and socks off in the car, and proceed to put said socks on his hands, I just go with it. Granted, it then becomes a battle when we need to get out of the car. "No you can't walk barefoot in 14 degree weather". That's usually when I start to bribe.

At bedtime, he swears there's a spider on the wall. The chatting and giggling continues until I hear the slight snoring and see his mouth open. That's my cue that I can now squeeze my body out of this crib-turned-toddler-bed and hope the squeaks of the springs under pressure don't wake my wild child.

Shane is in early intervention for speech, and we have used sign language with him since he was a baby. Contrary to what you might think, signing HELPS children learn to form words. Using sign and learning words uses the same area of the brain. We have really loved how much signing has helped us understand him, as well as helped him talk! It's amazing to see him form new words and now making sentences. My heart fills when he learns something new, a very proud moment for any mother. In that moment, you feel like you are doing something right!

No matter what I'm feeling, how my day went or any stress that I'm carrying that day, he has a way to change my perspective. He's a tiny comedian. He's either walking into walls with his shirt over his head, and running around butt naked.

WAAAAY too fast!! Didn't I just have a perfectly swaddled newborn? I must of blinked. They are only this little for such a short time. Blankies, diapers and toys will soon be replaced with a girlfriend, a car and "okay mom!". That time will come quickly, so I'm soaking this up. I'm taking pictures every minute I can.

Remember to pause. Take it all in. Soon they won't be so little.