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5 reasons why you should have a lifestyle session | Ashleigh Olson Photography

Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming more popular, and this makes me so happy! I absolutely love lifestyle sessions, of any kind (Family, newborn, maternity). I know, I'm a broken record when it comes to this type of photography, but I can't help it. I want to convince everyone that lifestyle sessions are where the magic is.

So here's 5 reasons on why you should have a lifestyle session.

Reason #1

They are real, they have meaning!  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing about posing in the front of the camera and giving me your best "cheese", but when you look at those photos, it doesn't make you remember how you felt that day, or what you did that day. Photos of your kids jumping on your bed in their pj's, wrestling with them and making them giggle. Capturing those moments are worth remembering. Experiences bring us joy. We have two "selfs" when we look back at an experience, the experiencing self lives in the present and takes everything in, and our remembering self is a storyteller, weaving those experiences into memories. These photos help our remembering self!


Reason #2
It's comfortable and less stressful

I say that lightly, because I know it can be uncomfortable in the beginning. You aren't use to having someone with a camera follow you around. I can understand that! Once that wears off, it's very comfortable and relaxed! I'm professional but I'm also a friend. I consider all my clients my friends because that's what we end up being after a session! We will hold conversations, we'll laugh and we'll have fun!

Reason #3
Let the kids be kids

It's okay to let the kids be kids. If they decide to run off to their room, let them. They will come back and if they don't, we will join them! It's a lot less stressful knowing they don't need to sit still for a photo. Embracing that will make it a much more easy going session for all!


Reason #4
Lifestyle sessions are for anyone

Family. Newborn. Maternity. Couple. Grandparents. Literally anyone. You don't need a big house, you don't even need a clean house to have the memories that tell a story.

See? Not clean! :)

See? Not clean! :)

Reason #5
Very minimal prep time

No rushing to get the kids dressed, or worrying you are going to be late. No packing up the diaper bag, or trying to find where your toddler put their other shoe. I come to YOU! Easy peasy! No fuss, no stress, just easy!

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