Ashleigh Olson Photography

Worcester, MA Photographer specializing in Lifestyle: Newborn, Couples, Families and Weddings

What Lifestyle Sessions are all about!

Lifestyle sessions are my JAM. Seriously, for me they are what makes this job so much fun!
Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of other sessions that I love, but Lifestyle is on the top of my list for sure!!

You may be wondering, What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography is about capturing REAL life. It's not stressing about what you're going to wear, or if your hair is done. It's about being in the moment. You can bake cookies with your daughter, or go for walk while your son rides his bike. The baby dumps the entire box of cheerios all over the floor, let's capture that! (resist the urge to clean!) You don't need a big fancy house, or even a clean one at that. Years from now, you aren't going to regret these photos! When you look back at these photographs, you'll remember the emotional behind the laugh and the smile, because it was REAL!

I'm going to be a sap for a minute.... My mentor, Katie of Katie Myrick Photography has been a HUGE inspiration. Her work is not only amazing, but it's breathtaking. She's been the one to really push me into this type of photography, I couldn't ask for a better role model! Katie, if you are reading this... Thank you! You've opened my eyes (and I'm sure others can agree) to the beauty of capturing real life. Seriously, there are no words that can express my gratitude.

Below is a recent lifestyle session. Thank you to this amazing family for letting me capture these precious moments between mama and baby!!